You will Thank Yourself


Simone Du Sacré-Coeur

  • My Job is my Passion
  • My customer are my Best Advertisement
  • A Sales Data Basys Only on Recommendation
  • Advice, Listening, Service & Rigor.

  • Graduated from International
    Program Grande Ecole
  • English Fluent.
  • Patrimonial Advice
  • Financial Projects Study

Maxime Du Sacré-Coeur

Customer Satisfaction is Essential for Us.

That's why Integrity, Transparency and Trust are the Foundemental of our Fame in the Business.

In contrast to the stereotypes, 68% of  Transactions in France are Concluded by a Professionnal, and 50% of Sales Promises signed from Direct Owner do not succeed.
In 2017 Du Sacré-Coeur Real Estate has Sold 70% of the mandates that were entrusted to it with 80% of our exclusivities validated from the 1st Month.

Selling or Buying Serenly and Confidently is Fundamental.

Fully Actor of the Economic Fabric of our Region, We are the Sole Real Estate Agency «Official Sponsor of the Catalans Dragons» since 2014.
You will have ours Services and Advices all over the Pyrénées Orientales District

To Follow you Up in your Life Project, Mother and Son as «Dream Makers» are now United.

You Grant us your Trust
You will Thank Yourself